"Music has the message and I am the Messenger."

Miyuki is a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer from The Netherlands, living in Portugal. She shares her heart written music and is on a mission to bring more love, peace and consciousness to this earth. Her music is a mixture of deep messages, guitar, percussion, harmonies and more. She implements indigenous sounds and is exploring the world of meaningful music. Miyuki will be touring in Portugal this summer. 
Miyuki toured Portugal last summer and was asked by one of Holland’s leading writers to perform during her book publication. She will come to The Netherlands in September to play again. 
In addition to concerts and ceremonies, Miyuki plays with international yoga teachers, shamans and retreat centers.
Miyuki wants to bridge the modern and shamanic worlds by reflecting both in her music. For example, many songs feature both her guitar, shamanic drum, koshi’s, flutes and voice. She brings the audience into trans by combining these two worlds.

"I may feel different than I did before. I know that I'm changeable as the moon. Sometimes my soul gets insecure, but you know my intentions are good."

12 Different Moons

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