I sing for peace, unity and feelings.
On a mission to bring people back on the
paths where they belong.

New Music is Here.

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Revolution, Revolution.

About Miyuki
Miyuki's journey started when she was around 7 years old. She started to write little songs for her mom about her days at school, playing with other kids and other daily life things.

When she was 10 years old, her stepdad got a guitar for his birthday and she was intrigued by the instrument. Somehow she knew in a split second that she could play this instrument and so she did. Her parents noticed this and gave her musical lessons with a local guitar teacher.

Ever since she couldn't get enough of music. She wanted to learn as many instruments as possible and write as many songs she could write. She began to play in a band when she was 16 years old and played on several venues in The Netherlands.

When she was 21 years old, she decided that she wanted to go solo. She moved to Portugal, to a little town on the coast and played there some music. People that saw her play, asked her if she could play at their venues as well. And so it all started. More and more people asked her to play and before she knew it: her dream was coming true. Without forcing, but with just 'doing her thing' she can now do what she loves most.

Last year her song "They Taught Me: was selected by one of the greatest writers (Francine Oomen) of The Netherlands to be the theme song of her new book. In that same year 12 Different moons got picked up by an international film maker and surfer Kale Brock.

Now she is working together with international yoga teachers, shamans and retreat centres to raise the vibration and to bring people back to their feelings. With her storytelling combined with mantra music, it is beautiful to see how many people come together. This year she will be touring through The Netherlands & Portugal
Bookings: officialmiyukimusic@gmail.com